Active Sky Next SP2 Beta B5527


HiFi Technologies had released Active Sky Next SP2 Open BETA.

ASN SP2 OPEN BETA in order to resolve a few issues some are experiencing.

Please be aware this SP2 is BETA and some problems are expected. Using a BETA version should be done at your own risk.



Highlights: FSX-SE compatibility, P3Dv2.5 compatibility, improved performance and smoothness via newly re-designed ASConnect interface.


– Newly re-designed ASConnect interface, using new fast C++ routines for better performance and stability
– New FSX:SE (Steam Edition) integration and full compatibility
– Numerous improvements and adjustments for improved performance and stability
– Improved TCP/IP radar communications by using a single persistent socket connection vs. unique socket connections for each transmission
– Added boxed/steam version dual install checking, simple mode switch buttons, and indicator message on startup (see user guide for details)
– New settings category: Warnings options – each option toggles if user should be warned or not about certain items (presently affinity mask, dual install)
– Added new AFFINITYMASK setting handling, automatically setting for user if setting not already found (using this option properly can reduce or eliminate freeze issues)
– Miscellanious logging improvements
– Altered PWS logic for airbus to detect at 5nm and -60/+60 degrees
– Altered visibility graduation when a temp inverse layer is present to be more gradual (e.g. if temp inversion layer is 3000 feet, now it would go from
e.g. 10SM to 150SM instantly when climbing through 3000feet. Now it graduates up until 5000 feet)
– Adjustment to make sure the lowest cloud layer contains the precipitation type of the whole weather, cause this is the way fsx determines the runway wet/dry state
– Various low resolution radar changes to improve t-storm and some rectangular patterns
– Turubulence related to vertical speed changes now occurs much more rapidly/fluidly
– Improved drafts and draft-based turbulence surface attenuation rate
– Database updates: Added airports: LHPP,LHPR,GMMB,DTNH,FLKK,FLSK… Added stations: GMMB, DTNH, FLHN, FLSK…. Fixed FIR Boundaries: EYVL
– Fixed problem in ASN_FSX_Install.exe or ASN_P3D_Install.exe, the folder path could become corrupt during browse for folder path or when FSX/P3D installed in root path
– Fixed problem relating to timezone cache not being reset when daylight time changes occur
– Fixed formatting issue in wx briefing text for last ETA column
– Adjusted logic when convective activity is present in grid data to reduce t-storm presence (now checks for the PreventTstormsWithCB option and if surface temperature is below 10C and skips in these cases)

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