FSLabs – A320X Promo Video & Product Updates

FSLabs have released a spectacular video showcasing their A320X project in different stages of flight. It looks absolutely amazing so enjoy it below. Not only that, but they have released a lot of information on their forum discussing progress for the A320, and also in regards to updates for the Concorde and Spotlights.

Regarding the A320, ITS NOW IN BETA! They’re 100% working on bug fixing for the v1.0 RTM cut and beta testers are now allowed to fly online. Beta applications will be opening soon to get an extra few testers… and also, Airline2Sim will be making a training series for the A320X since Ben loved it that much.

In regards to the concorde, you can expect an update in the coming weeks with compatibility for FSX-Steam Edition. Significant memory management improvements are also planned in addition to other things, although no P3D compatibility planned currently (cry) Some more amazing news is with FSL Spotlights. They have released an update that is compatible with ALL simulator platforms. This means FSX SP2/XPack, FSX-Steam Edition, but also Prepar3D v2.5 and Prepar3D v3.0. This version improves significantly on the quality of spotlights that can be seen in the virtual cockpit, especially so for low-polygon models that suffered jaggy artifacts in previous versions. If you like, feel free to download and test it for yourself for free (Only if you spawn at LGAV) After that if you’re satisfied you can purchase a license to use it unrestricted.Thats all for today, enjoy.

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