FSLabs A320 Previews


Little update for those who are wondering, Flight Sim Labs still haven’t lifted the NDA which would allow the testers to post images freely from the beta, although they have posted some of the testers favourite images on their Facebook page. (I’ll add the images here later when I’m at my hotel after my flight)

“It’s been a busy couple weeks of beta testing… and while we have not yet lifted the NDA which would allow our testers to post their own, we kept asking them to submit their favorite pictures to us – those they find interesting, beautiful or, sometimes, even broken (yes, they manage to break our aircraft on a daily basis – but less and less so lately). Here are their results for the past few days.

In the following pictures, you will notice we’re experimenting with our FSLSpotlights capabilities, as some of the later aircraft deliveries come with LED lights, but earlier ones come with warmer illumination. We still have not decided which ones to go with – can you help?

One of our beta testers hails from Japan, his favorite Tiger pictures are included… another likes some tango in his flying… and we could not leave our northern tester friends behind either…

In the final snap of this series, one of our testers wanted to see what happens if he shuts an engine down… fun stuff occurred…

We hope you enjoy the pictures!”

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