LLH Creations – Installer for P3D v3

LLH Création CourchevelSpecialists of the little airfields at high altitude of the Alps region, LLH Creations chose the solution of a wizard software to install their customers sceneries in P3D v3.

Visit their homepage and connect to your user account to be able to download this new tool.

3 Responses

  1. Can anyone advise with a step by step installation on the LLH seneries? I run P3D v2 and v3 side by side – that doesn’t seem to work with LLH sceneries?
    And given I uninstall P3D v2 – how do I reinstall my LLH sceneries? Pointing the installer manually to the P3D v3 root folder (because it automatically wants to install into FSX)? The help file provided with the LLH tool isn’t very clear to me…

    1. Hi Christian, perhaps you should try contacting LLH directly. Do they have a support forum?

      1. Unfortunately not. They had a forum but it seems to be offline for a while now. I tried searching for another “unofficial” forum but couldn’t find any.

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