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FSLabs have made a nice post on their Facebook page just mentioning that they’ve had a lot of requests as to how the Concorde update is coming along.  You’ll be pleased to hear it has gone extremely well and that the beta team has helped them refine the stability and performance of the aircraft. Not only that, but they are preparing the final release candidate build for the team to conduct their final testing. Below you will find the press release, in addition to some information on the new P3D version.

“While the P3D version does not have texture updates per se, it has tremendous visual quality improvements as it takes advantage of the all new P3D DirectX11 engine which includes real-time shadowing and effects. We also added all new virtual cockpit night lighting using the revolutionary FSLSpotlights product we created, which makes night flying a beauty. (This new lighting will also be featured in the FSX version update).
We made quite a few technology breakthroughs so the new version in FSX and P3D will have much better memory handling – our beta testers report 300-350MB savings in VAS usage compared to the current FSX version.
Additional improvements include:
– all new Autopilot logic with much improved handling in pitch / roll characteristics – techniques we have developed and will also feature in the upcoming A320-X
– Full-screen usage in FSX DX10
– Virtual Flight Engineer fixes
– Correct fuel consumption characteristics in supersonic flight
– Wind sounds improvements
– Brake system improvements
– and many other smaller fixes

“The P3D version will be offered as a new product – our licensing requirements do not allow us an upgrade path. The FSX version will be offered as an update to the previous download however.”

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