FSFX Packages – 6000 Likes Announcement


To celebrate 6000 likes, FSFX Packages have released a new announcement today. So what is it about? Well on the 23rd February if all goes well, you will be able to access PrecipitFX through their VFX Central application. Not only that, but new touchdown effects will be included in the PrecipitFX package. Along with that, VFX central will also configure newly installed aircraft’s automatically if its configured to run with the sim in addition to taking into account new DLC’s in steam edition and each simobject folder. To top things off in the announcement, built in DX10 support for FSX to be expected and a big thanks for supporting the team over the past year.


PrecipitFX will be available through VFXCentral (if all goes well) on Feb. 23rd.

Because we like giving back to people who made FSFX Package the success that it is, we will be adding new touchdown effects in the package for everyone to enjoy.

In this new version of PrecipitFX, you no longer need to run a utility every time you add an aircraft to your sim. VFXCentral will configure the new aircraft automatically if it is configured to run with the sim.

Also, PrecipitFX will take into account DLCs in FSX: Steam-Edition as well as every SimObjects folder in your P3D v3 configuration.

On top of that, built-in support for DX10 on FSX

All of this, as a free upgrade.

Thank you for your support over the past year, the future is bright!

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