Aerosoft – Approaching Quito Released

The long awaited Approaching Quito has been released today over on the simMarket store. Included is the old SEQU Quito airport, and a historically accurate model of the airport and it`s buildings. Highly detailed apron ground textures and custom ”Quito style” landclass with autogen annotation for around the airport to improve blending to the default scenery make this scenery a one to try! Where can you get charts is a common question, and to answer that; there’s links to older charts in the manual. Get your copy today over on the simMarket store.

3 Responses

  1. And the SEQM, the new airport that acctually serves to Quito city will be avaliable son?

  2. And the SEQM, the newest airport that acttually serves Quito city wll be avaliable son?, the SEQU today doesn’t exist longer

  3. The reason why it doesn’t exist any more is what makes it atractive, just like Kai Tak in Hong Kong.

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