FSLabs A320 – Promo Video – Ready For Takeoff

On their Facebook Page, Flight Sim Labs have posted a status update regarding their A320X Project. There’s quite a lot of information regarding what will happen upon release, in addition to some general pointers so I recommend you take a read.

Hello All, Some weeks ago, we provided a status update and a teaser picture which showed the detailed depth of our A320-X simulation as well as hints about our first package release. At the time, we did not provide any details on what this package would contain or how it would be offered – to our loyal customers – as we were simply too focused on the beta testing process. In the next few days, we’ll be putting together our first Release Candidate installer. We don’t expect this process to last very long (usually there are two or three RCs before the first release goes public), so I am very happy to be able to announce the road map we’re going to follow in getting the A320-X out to you, as well as some more details on what the product contents will be initially and in subsequent releases, as we intend to keep supporting the A320-X for years to come with continual improvements and additional features that will enhance your simulation experience. Here’s what our expected road map looks like at the moment:

– Version 1.0 of the A320-X for FSX will be released to an initial group of customers on a first come, first-served basis. Since the complexity of the product is several scales larger than any other simulation package existing today, we are calling this first release an “Early Adopter” package. This means that, while the product will no longer be considered “beta”, we want to ensure that our support team is able to adequately help and resolve any teething issues that a customer purchasing the A320-X might come across. For this reason, we will keep the initial customer group relatively small.

– Once we’re satisfied that there are no issues with the Early Adopters package that we may have missed in our beta testing, we’ll open the release once again to the general public.We expect this to happen relatively soon after the Early Adopters package is made available as we’d like everyone to enjoy our A320-X equally!

– After this final release of Version 1.0 to the general public, we’ll focus on getting the entertainment-level A320-X released on Prepar3D, while simultaneously continuing work on functionality improvements to the A320 as well as other model variants.

– The Professional version of the A320-X for P3D will follow at some point afterwards as we realize there is significant demand by hardware builders and professional customers who wish to fill the existing void in the market for this aircraft.

At this time, I’d like to take the opportunity to once again thank you for your continued support and loyalty to Flight Sim Labs and our A320-X project. Please enjoy our last video before the Early Adopters package release. We hope that you like it!”

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