Frooglesim – FlyInside Video Review

Youtuber FroogleSim has released a video on his channel as he takes a look at FlyInside which is a tool that lets you use your Virtual Reality headsets from Oculus or HTC within FSX and P3D. “Using some vodoo magic called Asynchronous Timewarp the software even overcomes the frame rate limitations of those sims to deliver over 90 frames per second within the headset.”

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    1. lol I understand. (Un)fortunately I cannot. Portugal wasn’t entitled to receive the first batch of oculus rift. I’ll have to wait for next year.

      1. Sorry to hear that,
        Dont you know somebody in another country who can help you?

        1. I am patient :), it will allow me to save for it. But let us know how your experience goes when you receive them!

          1. Hi,

            Smart thinking Alex 🙂
            Yes i will let you know when it arrives and how it works 🙂

  1. Just got the shipment tracking number 5 minutes ago by mail,
    Its already on my way ;-), i am surprised how fast it is 🙂

    1. Its now in the Netherlands,
      But waiting for clearance by the Custom services, that can take weeks 😉
      Ppppppffffttttt!!!! 🙂

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