Prepar3D V4 – Lockheed Martin Announcement

It’s now official, the version 4 of Prepar3D V4 will be available next Tuesday, May 30th. The new 64bit architecture will break the glass roof that has limited the flight simulator graphics engine for so many years. The increased stability and performance will come along the ability of higher resolution and the integration of more objects.

At the same time, numerous developers have published their statement about Prepar3D v4 enhancements and their addons upgrade policy. We have selected the following : Pacific Islands Sim, FlyTampa, FSDT, 29Palms Scenery DesignFlightBeam Studios and PMDG. They all agree on the enhanced performance and FPS, the positive future of the night lighting, and PMDG confirm free updates for their current products line.

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  1. Here we go again ! The BIG 64-bit Myth !

    Even one of the big shots at Dovetail Games admitted that 64 bit isn’t such a big deal, and that they only promotie it because there is such a huge demand for it from the sim community.

    I just ended watching a promotional video of the 64-bit P3D, and my eyes fell out of their sockets. It still looks like FSX almost a decade ago !

    1. Let’s clear the misunderstanding if there is one. 64bit doesn’t mean new visuals, new textures. This is not a new graphics engine core. But the old school memory management, the very limited memory quantity, the OOM, the stutters, these are the kind of items to be fixed first with a 64bit architecture. It means also a much higher account of polygons and lights item displayed at once, that lead to better visuals in third party addons. Read again the developers statements : more FPS, smoother display, these are good news indeed.

  2. Some people don’t get what 64Bit means. As for the engine it should always improve like Windows and Office not totally replaced. The core that was fully realized with FS2k4 was genius. XP11 still can’t figure out in game ATC, AI, and syncing real world weather. Not sure what people are looking for. P3D v4 is fantastic news!

    1. As an XP user I know very well what 64Bit means, given that XP has been 64Bit for years now.
      The vast improvements of XP11 over XP10 however had little to do with being 64Bit or not.
      Also, look at the recent DTG FSW – although 64Bit still abyssmal frame rates in many instances (and in the end based on the same MS SPE, even though in the case of FSW via a FSX detour)
      Finally, there will be a rude wake up call once users will start realizing that 80% of add-ons will be gone forever.
      But hey, you do you. I hope you may enjoy P3D v4 for many years to come.

  3. Like the previous versions they have created an expanded base simulation capable of much more room. Now it will be up to the 3rd party developerson to fill in. The increased autogen and scenery distance halo is now to visual range with Orbx level acene ry.

  4. When the Aces team was disbanded by Microsoft in 2007 I was in despair about the future of flight simulation. Lockheed-Martin has been our saviour firstly with P3D 32-bit and now with a 64-bit version. The future has never been brighter. Thank you LM.

  5. i feel very exected by this huge évolution in flight sim. Thanks to Lockeed Martin!

  6. I study aviation
    And love flight simming
    I’ve got V4, 64-bit application
    My system’s doing great, and it’s only getting better
    VRAM’s all right, getting good frames
    The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades
    I gotta wear shades

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