Addons Updates For P3D v4

Since the release of Prepar3D v4, waves of addons products have been, or about to be, updated for the compatibility in the acclaimed and latest version of Lockheed Martin flight simulator.

Let’s add to this list the following addons : Lorby-Si – CameraPosition X, Lorby-Si – AI Tracker X, and Prealsoft – Algiers Airport DAAG.

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7 years ago

Regarding sceneries and aircraft, the problem is that PMDG’s letter to the public, pointing out that many sceneries or aircraft that weren’t recompiled using the new V4 SDK can become a source of V4 instability, made me distrust the current flood of “compatible” sceneries and aircraft (for ex. in a certain major scenery developer forum those quick fixes are causing weird unexpected behavior that could very well be examples of such induced instability).

I’m more confident of updated utilities (like Lorby’s, here) because those probably had to be recompiled to work in a 64bit environment.

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