Alabeo – First Batch of P3D v4 Aircraft

As promised a few days ago, Alabeo has started to deliver the first P3D v4 aircraft updates, just to make them usable in the 64bit environment.

Given the numerous products they have in stock, this will take a few time to get them all updated. All updates are free for registered customers. You need to download the new installer from the shop and use the same product serial as before. Only the C172RG Cutlass II requires a new serial that you have been assignated with your previous purchase. In this first batch, find the following products :

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Simon Evans
Simon Evans
7 years ago

Users should be aware its just the installer and the copy protection that have been modified, so each possesses all the mistakes and errors inherited from the v3 versions.

It is a shame that they couldn’t at least fix the glaring errors that have been reported in the intervening period. It would also have been nice if they had adopted the dynamic lighting which IS part of the SDK, but maybe these are stopgaps until they can produce something actually compatible, rather than compliant.

That said, they seem to look even better in v4 than v3, so for screenshots they’re fine.

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