FS2Crew NGX Reboot for Prepar3D V4


Only a few weeks ago, PMDG let their popular 737 NGX take off in P3D v4.

For the numerous fans of FS2Crew, they were missing their flight crew companion and standard operations simulations.

The solution is now available : you need the new FS2Crew NGX Reboot for Prepar 3D V4, specially coded for the 64bit simualtor.

It comes automatically with the 737 Global Voice Set (expansion of new copilot voices), and previous owners get the whole thing with a 5 EUR coupon code : 73764.

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I´m flying without and I`m happy ;).

Simon Evans

No-one forced you to buy P3D v4.
No-one gave you V4.
No-one offered you a discount for being a loyal customer of v3, v2 or v1.

Customer choice is a wonderful thing. You’ve exercised yours and now you want to complain about a repurchase for a NEW sim?


Ridiculously high cost of ownership for loyal customers. When I look at the delay in updating to new versions, and the ‘re-boot’ (re-buy) and then V4, I feel like I got to use this maybe half a dozen times over the years, and now they want me to fork out the equivalent of sixty dollars NZ to gain access to something I’ve already paid for twice over? I think I will learn to live without any of their products. A really good example of how not to do business.


actually the only developer apparently trying to get rid of loyal customers, by asking full price for P3Dv4 update, offering just a 5 Euro discount coupon that can be used by everyone. Feels like ripoff.

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