Fly The Maddog X – Revival

A pair of preview screenshots taken from the virtual cockpit launched the opening of Fly The Maddog X Facebook page, to announce the reflections in the 3D virtual cockpit of the MD-80 in P3D V4 !

The same team Leonardo Software SH who developed the previous version is now working on a new product with advanced features and enhanced performance. On day 1 of the public release, it won’t support MultiCrew management and the analog gauges version has been dropped. On the other hand, the new code uses the latest C++ programming techniques and the latest SDK to bring life again to the very advanced MD-80 simulation with its complete soundset and dozen of failures. Probably available until the end of the year 2017.

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Kyle Hatch
6 years ago

Logan Lynch !!

Logan Lynch
6 years ago
Reply to  Kyle Hatch


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