Train Simulator 2018 Available


Launch Steam and Dovetail Games will update you to Train Simulator 2018. It’s a free upgrade if you already have TS2017, without content change.

Fresh new customers who purchase TS2018 will receive 3 routes included : Garmish-Partenkirchen/Innsbruck, North Wales Coastal and Peninsula Corridor San Francisco with their respective rolling stock. (DB BR 442 and OBB 2016, CalTrain MP36PH, Bombardier Bi-Level cars, Union Pacific GP38-2 and freight cars, Virgin Trains Class 221 Super Voyager, Arriva Trains Wales Class 175 and 158 diesel-multiple units).

The new version is mainly a DLC bundle offer, without important enhancement to the simulator; as Train Sim World is now the development trend at DTG.

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I think the amount is not correct, even who owns the part of 2017, has to pay for the new content. Free is only the screen update without content on the new version 2018. ^^. Therefore Trainsimulator 2018 is only available as an update and about 30 €, nothing in vain. LOL

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