RealWorld Scenery – England Wales and Ireland

The “3D Environment” packs of RealWorld Scenery are expansions that require MegaScenery Earth respective base products prior to their installation.

This week, RealWorld Scenery launch their new sets for both Ireland and England/Wales, adding millions of Autogen buildings along the vegetation and night lightings.

One Response

  1. I managed to get this excellent product working with tileproxy in p3d v3.1 !!!
    (for tile proxy to load ok \
    1.boot F8 select no driver signing enforecement
    2.use flight sim Estonia mitigation tool load p3d in legacy mode

    Install this proctuct in p3d
    by placing the all the agn .texture files and bgl scenery files
    in either of these folders
    (only one is method necessary but ive got to delete the others ??)
    1. world – texture / scenery folders ??
    2. lockhead martin tileproxyphotoreal texture / scenery folders ??
    3. p3d scenery folder texture and scenery folders ??

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