FeelThere – Embraer E-Jets V2 – 175 & 195 P3D4


Fly both the Embraer 175 and 195 with a new generation flight deck in P3D4 designed by FeelThere. Their complete pack features advanced functionalities like the FADEC, and the realistic autopilot with Stall and Overspeed recovery.

Other systems needed by simmers are also here : TCAS II, EGPWS, FMS and Ice detection. Read more about them here.

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its not new, just made 64bit

Is it really a “new virtual cockpit in P3Dv4”? If so, why do they say the dynamic lighting is too bright? I think this is just making the gauges 64 bit compatible (which is why I haven’t gotten it).

Das ist ja noch die “alte” Version. Lt FeelThere haben die nur den Installer erneuert. Dafür funktioniert als Ausgleich das Wetterradar nicht

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