Extra Liveries for Fly The Maddog X by GLC Textures


In order to add new airlines liveries of ultra high quality to Fly The Maddog X, the group GLC Textures is selling several packs, each including 2 liveries.

Here’s the selection available now : Alaska Airlines & Allegiant Air, Delta Airliens & Hawaiian Air, Jetsgo & Aeromexico Travel, SAS Star Alliance & Sweden Air, Redjet Caribbean & Alm Antillean Airlines.

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Alaska’s mad dogs were never that dirty. I flew on them a lot.


Sorry – dupe post


10 bucks for 2 repaints ? Seriously ?!


You don‘t need to buy it if it‘s too expensive. Or create a repaint yourself and see how much time it takes. Then consider if you offer it for free … .


You don’t know who you are talking to boy…And i can’t blame you for that…A couple of years ago My Team and myself have developped a complete addons Model + Panel (Gauges) + Sound + Repaints + Manual etc… We worded on it during almost 2 years !!! AND ALL FREEWARE !!! Do you remember Mach2 Concorde Project By FsFrance ??? maybe No… So please don’t try to explain to me how much time a project can take or justify to charge people for something who dont deserve to be charge to… Reagards.


This hobby is becoming more and more expensive.

Kim Jung Un

Couldn’t agree with you more. They are finding more and more ways of milking us. It’s pathetic.

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