FranceVFR – Paris VFR Airport Pack Vol.2 P3DV4


This is the second volume of Paris VFR Airport Pack, to install 10 airfields and little airports in Paris Île-de-France region for P3D4.

Each of them is accurately placed and rendered with high definition aerial photography textures. The pack can be combined with Paris VFR 3DAutomation or you can just get the airports only as you prefer.

In the volume 2, the airports included are :

  • LFAI : Nangis Les Loges
  • LFFE : Enghien Moisselles
  • LFPE : Meaux Esbly
  • LFPH : Chelles Le Pin
  • LFPK : Coulomiers Voisins
  • LFPM : Melun Villaroche
  • LFPP : Le PlessisBelleville
  • LFPQ : Fontenay Trésigny
  • LFPU : Moret Episy
  • LFPV : Velizy Villacoublay (military base)

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