Day: July 11, 2018

Aerosoft – Friedrichshafen XP11

Discover now an accurate and beautiful rendition of Friedrichshafen EDNY airport in Germany for X-Plane 11. In front of Bodensee Lake, all the airport buildings and

JustSim – Antalya LTAI P3D4 Update 1.1

Registered customers of the Turkish scenery of Antalya LTAI by JustSim have already been notified about the update v1.1. Docking guidance with Ground Services X

LMT Simulation – LFTZ Saint-Tropez la Môle

Author of two sceneries already available in the French Riviera area (Cannes and Vinon), LMT Simulation announce that the upcoming LFTZ Saint-Tropez la Môle is almost finished.

Freeware : Abidjan DIAP Beta v0.9

Still in development, the large scenery of Abidjan DIAP, Cote d’Ivoire, Africa goes to public Beta version 0.9. The manual install allows you to enjoy a

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