JustSim – Antalya LTAI P3D4 Update 1.1


Registered customers of the Turkish scenery of Antalya LTAI by JustSim have already been notified about the update v1.1.

Docking guidance with Ground Services X has been added to several parking spots and fixes for dynamic lights or Duden waterfall, and the shoreline have been included.

Changelog :

  • The shoreline has been fixed
  • Duden waterfall was added.
  • Dynamic lighting has been fixed.
  • A custom GSX profile was added.
  • VDGS GSX has been added – available in Parking lots: 8 9 14 15 60 61 63 65 66 67 A11 A12 A62 B10 B11 B12 B62 B64
  • Night textures of the terminals have been changed.

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