Lionheart Creations – Tango 2 FSX P3D

Lionheart Creations is proud to announce the release of another Aircraft package, the sleek Tango 2 by Revolution Aviation.  The Tango 2 is a high performance two place aircraft of composite construction that is available as a Kit that you finish.

The 180 HP version XR model that I have recreated here has a cruise speed of 180 knots, and a range of 1200 Nautical Miles with its extended range fuel tanks.  The panel in this package features the Garmin G1000 glass panel system which includes its autopilot package and left hand PFD mini map popup and ECIAS mini LH popup as well.  This gives the panel a very simplistic yet very advanced look.

There are 10 planes in this package and they include approximately 9 various themes of interiors mixed with various panel finishes.  The interior colors range from painted fiberglass to leather upholstery.  The textures in this package are also up to 4K in resolution, which is the highest limit that can run in P3D and FSX.  Not all of the textures are 4K.  Only textures that require high resolution for crisp detail are bumped up to that high of resolution. 

Some cool features of this package are;* Radically different interiors* High speed performance, able to fast cruise at 200 knots!  Redlines at 215 knots.* Able to grease in some nice landings with full flaps, touching down at 64 knots* Not super gentle on take-offs.  She will keep you on your toes as you accellerate to speed* Gull wing doors* Garmin G1000 MFD can give you approach vectors, a cool feature.

If you would like a ‘very rare and exotic’ modern plane with modern glass cockpit…   If you would like something that you would bond with and hit a bunch of airports with…  If you are looking for a small two seater plane that you might consider building one day…  If you need something really sleek to fly in, something totally new…  Then I think this is for you.
For more information, you can go to SimMarket to read more.

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