New Version of Navigraph Charts Released

The Navigraph Development Team is proud to announce that the long anticipated new version of Navigraph Charts is now available for download here:

What is it?
Navigraph Charts is a software for flight simulator pilots to search any airspace in the world for waypoints, navaids, and airways. With its interactive enroute chart and a worldwide coverage of Jeppesen charts at 6,800 airports in 230 countries it is the most comprehensive and popular software of its kind. With Navigraph Simlink it is possible to connect Navigraph Charts to simulators such as Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Laminar Research X-Plane to see the aircraft move across the charts.

What’s new?
Users of the previous version will recognize Navigraph Charts as a reference software that lets you search and organize airport charts. However, the new version has an updated user interface to accommodate some highly requested and anticipated features covered in this video

  • Route Calculation
  • Colorful Route String Visualization
  • Procedure Visualization
  • Intelligent Procedure Selector
  • Map Overlay
  • SimBrief Integration

Route Calculation – A pilot can plan a flight between two airports and ask Navigraph Charts to calculate a route. Optimized for shortest distance the suggested route will use the closest transition points near the airports. The calculator supports NAT and FRA routing. The route calculator has been designed to be very easy to use and doesn’t have very many settings. More features may be added as we receive user feedback.

Colorful Route String Visualization – Whether you decide to calculate the route, or build one yourself by clicking waypoints, the airports; runways; procedures and waypoints are all represented as colorful pills in the flight panel making it easy to navigate in the Charts software.

Procedure Visualization – Once you have a route, you can visualize the departure procedures on the enroute map to see which SID that fits the selected runway and transition point. Similarly, at the arrival airport, you can visualize the arrival and approach procedures as brightly colored tracks into the airport in order to choose the best one.

Intelligent Procedure Selector – When selecting procedures, we have listed the most appropriate ones at the top, so that you don’t have to scroll to find the one that fits your runway and transition point.

Map Overlay – While selecting procedures you can also superposition a procedure chart on top of the enroute chart to better understand how it connects to your route. We find that especially when combined with the moving maps feature, pilots get an increased situational awareness as all relevant information is displayed in proximity to the ownship icon as it travels across the procedure chart.

SimBrief Integration – While Navigraph Charts can calculate a route, some of you may want to import your own routes. You can do this by copy pasting a text route string or by importing a PLN file, but the easiest and most flexible way is to enter your SimBrief username and let Navigraph Charts fetch the latest flight plan from SimBrief.

How does it work?
Navigraph Charts has a demo mode, but users need to have an active Charts or Ultimate subscription for full functionality. Subscriptions can be purchased here:

Navigraph Charts is available for Windows (Windows 7+) and Mac Desktop (macOS 10.12+); Android (Android 5+) tablets; and for most web browsers. iPad (iOS 10) will be released soon. Until an iPad version is available, users are encouraged to run Navigraph Charts Cloud in the iPad Safari web browser.

Navigraph Charts is available as a subscription without any minimum binding period for 8.30 EUR per month (approx 9.30 USD). The subscription also includes access to navigational data for all important addon software in the flight simulation community which update automatically with the Navigraph FMS Data Manager software.

What are the future plans?
We are very thankful for all the beta testers that helped reporting bugs and providing feedback. During testing many requests were submitted. We are currently working on an annotation tool for charts. We will also include weather (METAR, TAF and rasterized visualization). Sectional charts for VFR are also on the roadmap ahead. Last but not least we will adapt Navigraph Simlink to read traffic from other networks and display those aircraft on the enroute chart. More details on these projects will follow in our
newsletter and on our social media channels.

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Tony Allen
Tony Allen
5 years ago

I have the latest navigraph charts and I am trying to upload a flight from navigraph charts to x-plane 11 and it just is not happening, does anyone how to do this.
Tony Allen

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