FS2Crew – Airbus Pro P3D4 Update v3.8

Your FS2Crew addon for Aerosoft Airbus Professional in P3D4 has an update ! Remember the Crew and Airline procedures simulation works with both A320 family and A330 airliners.
Now, you should login to simMarket and redownload the full installer of FS2Crew Airbus Pro to upgrade to version 3.8. And its content is listed below :
Version 3.8 Change Log:
  • *Fuel Pumps Off in A330 models fixed for the shutdown flow.
  • Flight Director voice command now triggers both FD’s to be off / on.
  • *If performing a Flaps 3 landing in the A330, GPWS Landing Flap 3 no longer selected.
  • *Pack controls updated for the A330.
  • *FO’s now selects his Chrono On when announcing “Takeoff”, and Off during his after landing flow.
  • *If using Voice Control, your Speech recognizer can now be set to ENGLISH – US, UK, AU, CA or IN.
  • *Pax boarding sound no longer plays in the 330 model because you can’t hear it from the cockpit.
  • Glide slope deviation call out triggers loosened,
  • *FO’s will now adjust his ND range at 10,000 feet and when reaching cruise.
  • *During the 10,000 climb flow, the FO will select Airport on his side. He will select CSTR during his pre-flight flow, and re-select CSTR on his side during his 10,000 feet descent flow.
  • *During the runway entry flow, the FO will now select Terrain on his side and select Weather Radar on. He will turn off weather radar during his after landing flow.
  • *You can now say just “Below the line” instead of “XXX below the line” in Voice Control.
  • *You can now call the FA by pressing the FWD FA button on the overhead in the 330.
  • *In A330 models, door knocking sound removed when FA brings food/drinks.
  • *1000 foot call during the approach now references the Radio Altimeter.
  • *Now you can “left click” the audio test button to reset audio system if your FS2Crew audio ever drops.
  • *TO trim setting refined, but it will never be 100 percent accurate.
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