FS2020 – Features Discovery Episode 7 Multiplayer

Before the Episode 08 about IFR to be released next month in April, watch today the new Features Discovery Episode #7 about the Multiplayer in Microsoft Flight Simulator, or FS2020.

Sum up facts :

  • Multiplayer easy access without configuration required
  • Flying with most, if not all, airplanes
  • Mix of virtual and real life pilots connected at the same time
  • Actual Air Traffic Data integrated as AI Traffic, no loss in case of Internet disconnection
  • 2 connections :
    • Live Players : You must fly with the actual time, weather, flight rules
    • All Players : Set your own settings and rules, make your own group
  • Real Time ATC enabled
  • Visible traffic include all airplanes with 124 miles (200 km), limited to a maximum of 50 airplanes
  • Smooth multiplayer flights experience without online glitches
  • Traffic bugs eliminated : jumps, disappears, stunts
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