A_A Sceneries – Phuket 2020 Update

The users of Phuket 2020 in Thailand and for P3D V4.5 can take advantage of this free upgrade to fix a few issues reported to A_A Sceneries after release.

You can also directly download the upgrade itself by clicking on the previous link.

Changelog :

  • Trees on some of the taxiways.
  • Center lights of the runway. This airport has no center lights.
  • Duplicate lights in some places.
  • The lights are too bright for P3D.
  • The trees are too high on the approach runway 27.
  • Blurry texture on the apron during the night.
  • Add more dynamic lighting on old terminal.
  • Correct the problem of Terminal 2 glass disappear in some angle of view.
  • Ground poly disappear in some computers.
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