Day: September 20, 2020

Tropicalsim – São Jorge LPSJ MSFS

Tropicalsim has been active producing sceneries in Azores archipelago for a long time. That’s also the destination that they chose first to model an airport

Aerosoft – Poprad-Tatry Airport P3D

Located in Slovakia, the new airport scenery published by Aerosoft is Poprad-Tatry Airport (LZTT) for P3D v5/v4. There are many items to enjoy, not only

IndiaFoxtEcho – Long-EZ MSFS Preview

IndiaFoxtEcho have made several projects announcements regarding the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first of them is their Long-EZ, a singular light aircraft that is

EuropeM – Prague Landmarks MSFS

To enhance the realism and interest to fly over the Czech capital, EuropeM added 300 realistic and detailed buildings in Prague for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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