Microsoft Flight Simulator Known Issues – How to solve crash to desktop ?

After having applied the latest and mandatory patch that you cannot avoid at Microsoft Flight Simulator launch, hundreds of users reported that their simulator is quite unstable with direct return to windows desk,

  1. particularly right after loading the flight when setting ATIS radio frequency,
  2. or when flying in France and Southern England.

The issues have been identified by Microsoft, as reported among the Known Issues forum thread here.

FIX IT : In the first case, their respective advice is to disable ATC until the next patch release.

> Settings / General / Sound / Text-to-speech settings / Deactivated

In the second case , you should disable Bing Maps world data.

> Settings / General / Data / Bing World Data / Deactivated

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Thomas Loe.
Thomas Loe.
3 years ago

There is another bug game can not connect to the MSFS2020 server it was reported weeks ago, don’t know how many users have the same issues.
It says report it to And I should check my Internet connection.

Tango Lima/Scorpion

Last edited 3 years ago by Thomas Loe.
Bob Tildesley
Bob Tildesley
3 years ago
Reply to  Thomas Loe.

Try logging out and then in again on xbox companion/gamepass and then launch msfs. Worked for me after I lost the msfs servers and bing streaming. Cheers

Joe Traynor
Joe Traynor
3 years ago

The Elavators on the 787-10 dont do much anymore and get stuck with use. There should be some sort of fluidity with the elevators with normal use while in manual, but it doesnt seem to work well or at all. Plane also now wont have usable elevators below 160 knts

jim harris
jim harris
3 years ago

I updated to

and now when loading a flight fs2020 crashes to desktop with this error message showing on windows 10 werfault.exe error 0x000012dj

the sim was working perfectly before the update and loaded every time

this must be fixed before the next update

even before the japan scenery update release please

type here if you get the same error message when fs2020 CTD

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