Gaya – LOWW Vienna MSFS Updated

Your next flight to LOWW Vienna airport in Austria will be somewhat different from your last experience if you use the MSFS scenery of Gaya Simulations.

Redownload from your simMarket account the full installer updated to version 1.2 to take advante of the multiple enhancements including new tower textures, addition of airport buidlings, colored taxiway lines, VDGS improvement..

Changelog 1.2 :

  • Added new buildings making the airport exactly as it’s today.
  • Add specular reflections for ground textures.
  • Added custom orange and blue taxi-lines in the appropriate places.
  • Added interior for the North Pier.
  • Jetways wheels now turn when operated.
  • VDGS now shows correctly when the sim is loading.
  • The control tower now has new textures for day and night.
  • Fixed a number of miscellaneous bugs based on user feedback.
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3 years ago

oh wow!

how about updating the XP11 version at last??????
we’re waiting for months now for proper gate functionality.. improved textures.. removed runway lights (RW29) on RW16/34 and SEVERAL OTHER BUGS
You promised to update in JUNE 2020!
I have paid money as the p3d4 users and msfs2020 users did too!
oh and the support forums are READ ONLY
get your S*** together

3 years ago

How do i get an update if purchased via MSFS2020 marketplace?

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