Just Flight – F-15 Eagle MSFS Update

Just Flight with the developers team DC-Designs have focused on improving several points, mainly technical, which will perfect the gauges and some visual effects of their F-15 Eagle for MSFS.

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Changelog v1.0.2

  • Canopy Scratches too blocky – enhanced
  • Windscreen tint for HUD visibility against bright sky obscures night flying – removed until a better solution can be found
  • Touchdown sounds missing from sound pack – fixed
  • Doubled HDG bug in HSI ( F-15 C/D ) – removed
  • Fuel flow needle “twirling” at start-up ( F-15 C/D ) – fixed
  • MFD nozzle position graphic for F-15 E/I correction
  • Transponder knobs not animating – fixed
  • Canopy jettison handle too large, corrected
  • Oil temperature gauge needles corrected
  • Viewpoint too low, corrected
  • Rain flowing wrong way on F-15C canopy – fixed
  • F15 C/D nozzle needles INOP – fixed
  • Navigation light colours – corrected
  • Panel folders XML general errors and typos – fixed
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