simMarket App Update v1.0.6

SIMMARKET App has been updated in version 1.0.6. It should be automatic, but if necessary, restart the App or download it again if it remains in the previous v1.0.5.

More info & download :


  • [Feature] Add Bundle offer section to product page
  • [Feature] In-app cart products pricing now takes into account eligible update and bundle offers
  • [Feature] Add manual “Check for updates” functionality inside Settings page
  • [Fix] Better auto app update handling when for some reason it fails by displaying a notification on the sidebar

2 Responses

  1. Can you please add a feature to display a filtered list or a bold colour showing what products you own that require update. I understand you have an email notification option, plus a built in automated update feature but this does not work with the way I manage my product downloads & installations.

    1. Currently, the App displays a blue tick in the lower right corner when multiple products are displayed, and on each product page, it’s more detailed with the sticker “in-library”.

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