Aerosoft – Mega Airport Ben Gurion LLBG MSFS Update

The main airport of Israel and designed by David Rosenfeld received improvements in its new update

In Mega Airport Ben Gurion LLBG for MSFS (Tel Aviv), there are now the custom and active VDGS units to park your aircraft at the gate with dedicated display, 3D animated passengers, and the WigWag lights to alert on the runway entry.

Full changelog

  • Implementing Aerosoft VDGS modules across the airport  
  • Overall texture replacements / enhancements across the airport
  • Tunnels below taxiways added
  • Animated passengers inside Terminal 3
  • Terminal interior redone with texture enhancements
  • Main control tower – static people models
  • Jetway texture and model enhancements
  • Small radar station model added
  • Apron vehicles movement improvements
  • Real life like enhancements to the Terminal 3 apron / taxiway Mike texture
  • Lots of real life like models across the airport added
  • Trees and vegetation fixes and improvements across the airport
  • WigWag lights added on stop points to all runways
  • Red stop marks on each stop point
  • Real life like AI behavior according to the latest airlines parking positions
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