IndiaFoxtEcho – F-35 Lightning II MSFS Update 1.0.7

Patience is rewarding : the F-35 Lightning II gets the update expected by the simmers flying the modern jet fighter of Lockheed Martin.

Among the numerous fixes developed by IndiaFoxtEcho, the graphics optimization has been processed to reduce the memory usage.

Change log:
1.0.7 Hotfix

  • solved minor texturing glitch on F-35A cockpit
  • solved minor texturing glitch on F-35C cockpit
  • slight change to default sensor configuration
  • sensor imagery now does not work on battery only (like IRL)

1.0.6 Quality of Life improvement

  • Fixed bug in PULL UP PCD cues
  • Fixed minor mistake in PCD 3D model
  • General graphics optimization for lower memory consumption
  • Removed duplicated texture files
  • Removed unnecessary files
  • Removed outdated HUD/HMD code
  • Replaced landing light with better LED light effect
  • Increased luminosity of afterburner exhaust
  • Solved minor bug while toggling full screen mode on Portal 2
  • Draft implementation of DAS (downward camera only)
  • Draft implementation of FLIR (via synthetic vision)
  • Draft implementation of ASR terrain mapping function
  • Added automatic retraction of speed brake at high AoA and changed RPM limit to 90% for automatic retraction
  • Disabled usage of the F-35 model as AI traffic
  • Fixed minor geometry error in control stick model
  • Fixed minor mistake in PCD checklist
  • Fixed bug that allowed launch bar, tailhook and wing fold operation with aircraft not powered
  • Electrical power is now required for canopy movement, IFR probe extraction and weapon door operation
  • Fixed bug preventing correct PCD operation if in SWAP mode and IFF pop-up was selected
  • Fixed several typos in cockpit labels
  • Added departure and destination waypoints in TSD screen
  • Fixed bug preventing NAV SOURCE selection on Portal 3
  • Added NAV SOURCE selection functionality also to TSD screens
  • Fixed bug preventing Transpoder State to be correctly diplayed in identification menu
  • Transpoder state can now be manually set in the identificaton menu
  • Fixed bug preventing CDI needle to move correctly in EFIS page
  • Fixed incorrect movement scale of CDI needle
  • Fixed bug causing limited rudder pedal animation in some cases
  • Added special effects from SU9 (wing vapor, low altitude, etc.)
  • Added speed-brake deployment indication on HUD
  • Fixed modeling bug preventing tail formation lights geometry to show
  • Added 06-01 Italian Air Force livery
  • Added F-35I Test Bed Israeli Air Force Livery
  • Fixed minor mistakes in F-35C liveries
  • More realistic drag versus Mach profile in the transonic region
  • Tweaks to handling characteristics to limit max G forces and improve low speed handling and turn capability
  • Tweaks to autoflap schedule for better maneuverability in certain circumstances
  • Full intergration between external model and cockpit model (better cockpit detail in external views, and lower video memory footprint)
  • Fixed minor glitch in FCS wing status symbology for C variant
  • Changed surface deflection symbology on FCS page (now closer to reality)
  • Minor geomerty and texture fixes to F-35B model
  • Minor smoothing glitch fixed in A and B models
  • Improved canopy glass material
  • Fixed helmet visor animation bug
  • Improved pilot textures
  • Fixed animation glitch in steering mechanism (C-version)
  • Integrated “Better Camera Mod” by Archer374
  • Added camera-dependant visibility conditions to HMD to eliminate overlap with PCD
  • Revised instrument overlay for external views
  • HMD now defaults to “CAGED” mode
  • Added arms and legs animations to pilot figure
  • Pilot figure can now be toggled in cockpit by clicking the venting port
  • Solved minor bug when toggling full screen mode
  • Major optimization of cockpit collision mesh
  • Fixed minor AO glitch in crew access ladder (C model)
  • Added L: variables list to the manual, for reference of third party modders
  • Fixed minor glitch in page tags if SRCH mode was selected
  • Fixed minor bug causing incorrect graphics of POP-UP FUEL page in some instances.
  • Draft implementation of V/S BIT
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