Fly The Maddog MSFS Update 1.0b95

Leonardo Software House announced in their forum that they recently uploaded a new updated build version 1.0b95 of Fly The Maddog MSFS at simMarket.

You can read the full announcement here with the changelog copy below. Download your updated installer from your customer account at simMarket.



– fixed issue that freezed the EFB when arriving at the gate;

– fixed nose gear door not remining sligtly open when gear down;

– fixed issue in FMS that could cause missing/wrong constraint when adding arrival procedures;

– fixed FMS button animation working only if FMS powered;

– fixed rain sound still audible in cloudly weather but with no visible rain drop in the windshield;

– fixed issue when importing PFPX OFPs in EFB


– allowed engines to start even if fuel pumps off (as in real aircraft);

– manual trim will no more disconnect AP if LM option ‘Autopilot disconnects when flight controls are moved manually’ is unchecked;


– fixed issue in axes calibration, where sensitivity settings were inverted;


– fixed wrong page numbering in User Manual, Quick Guide and EFB Manual;

– updated User Manual;


– added compatibility with VA acars apps;

– added properly formatted popups for CM1/CM2 PFD/ND (AltGr + left click to open).

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