EU/DE: Bremen EDDW V2.0 from BMW now available

Developer BEAUTIFUL MODEL OF THE WORLD has now published his EDDW BREMEN AIRPORT MSFS scenery at SIMMARKET and immediately updated it to version 2.0.

‘Bremen Airport (German: Flughafen Bremen, IATA: BRE, ICAO: EDDW) is the international airport serving the city and state of Bremen in northern Germany. It is 3.5 km (2.2 miles) south of the city and carries a year 630,000 passengers in 2022. It mainly offers flights to major European cities and leisure destinations.’

The update includes the following changes:

  • new style for taxiway signs
  • improved embankment along taxiway Alpha
  • fixed runway BRAVO
  • Added custom glideslope antennas
  • Added custom vehicles and cars
  • added animated RUNWAY GUARD LIGHT
  • Added new gas station
  • Removed blue Ryanair letters from small terminal
  • Added helipad

If you don’t have it yet, you can buy it via the SIMMARKET app or in the shop for €15.47.

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