FSX3D – Figari-Sud-Corse X-Plane 11 or 12

Come with us in Corsica Island to discover the stunning Figari-Sud-Corse airport (LFKF) for X-Plane 11 and for X-plane 12 by FSX3D, now available at SIMMARKET. This exquisite add-on transports you to the heart of Corsica’s picturesque southern region, where you can experience aviation like never before in this French island found in the Mediterranean Sea.

Boasting ultra-detailed car parks, taxiways, and runways with PBR rendering for added realism, Figari-Sud-Corse is brought to life with an astonishing level of detail. Ambient occlusion further enhances the immersion, creating an environment that feels incredibly authentic.

This scenery also includes the animated radar pylon, adding dynamism to your airport experience. Whether you’re flying nationally or internationally, on scheduled or private flights, or simply enjoying instrument or sightseeing flights, Figari-Sud-Corse is your gateway to Corsica’s natural beauty. With over 700,000 passengers passing through, it’s Corsica’s third-largest airport, and FSX3D’s Figari-Sud-Corse allows you to explore it in unmatched detail.

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