FTXdes – LLER Eilat Ramon MSFS

FTXdes presents the LLER – Ilan and Asaf Ramon International Airport, a stunning addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator available on SIMMARKET. Opened in 2019, this airport replaces the old Eilat and Ovda Airports in Israel, named after Ilan Ramon and his son Asaf, both tragic figures in aviation history.

Unlike many Israeli airports, LLER does not adhere to the WWII-era RAF layout and boasts a modern design with a 3,600m runway capable of handling large aircraft like the 747. Positioned as Israel’s second international airport, LLER is intended to serve as an alternate destination for Ben Gurion Airport.

The scenery meticulously recreates the airport’s terminal, control tower interior, and exterior buildings, offering an immersive experience. The 3D model of the ground mesh includes rain drain trenches, while the apron features custom textures for concrete/asphalt and markings. Nighttime visuals are enhanced with custom light objects, replicating the real airport’s taxi lights layout. Additionally, the package includes a GSX profile with separated walk-in gates, release points, and animated people inside the terminal. Users should be aware of a Navigraph conflict, but FTXdes provides a patch to address this issue.

To acquire this highly detailed and accurate representation of LLER, users can conveniently access it through the SIMMARKET simInstaller technology. The product not only enriches the virtual flying experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator but also pays tribute to the legacy of Ilan and Asaf Ramon, making it a must-have for aviation enthusiasts. Order FTXdes – LLER Eilat Ramon MSFS at SIMMARKET.

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