LLH Créations – Altiport Courchevel (LFLJ) v2 MSFS

A new version of Courchevel?
While the scenery MSFS already offers a scene with a sloping runway, a beautiful hangar and a pretty control tower?

Well yes, because with all the work that has been done on the platform, even the LLH version had become obsolete. Because very important earthworks were carried out on the east side, radically changing the morphology of the land.
The heliport now has around 20 helicopter spots as well as a new FATO (final approach and take-off area) made up of a grass runway measuring 140 x 20 meters.
LLH Créations offers you a new scene representing the Courchevel altiport as it is today.

What’s new in version 2 of the Courchevel Altiport for MSFS:

  • Added Tower frequency for ATC communications.
  • Finalization of the FATO (final approach and take-off area)
  • New mesh with a resolution of 5m to integrate the major earthworks on the heliport side.
  • New asphalt area on the heliport opposite the hangar.
  • New grass track (not cleared of snow) 15/33, the FATO measures 140 x 20 meters.
  • Added several helipads covering the 20 available spots
  • Added parking spaces reserved for helicopters for cold starts.
  • New modeling of the snow layer integrating all the earthworks on the heliport side.
  • Many improved details and textures throughout the Altiport.

This version 2 is of course available free of charge on the support page of the LLH site for all registered users of Courchevel for MSFS.

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