Experience the exhilarating freedom of flight with Carenado’s WYMFS for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available now at SIMMARKET. This classic biplane encapsulates the true essence of aviation, offering enthusiasts the opportunity for adventure, sport, or leisurely sightseeing. With its sleek and sporty design complemented by luxurious leather and wood details, the WYMFS is a perfect blend of classic charm and modern functionality.

The open-cabin configuration adds a touch of freedom to your recreational flights, allowing you to truly connect with the skies and enjoy breathtaking landscapes from above. Under the hood, the WYMFS boasts a powerful single 7-cylinder radial engine, delivering 300 HP for an authentic and thrilling flying experience. With a cruise speed of 114 MPH and an impressive range of 432 NM, this aircraft is well-equipped for a variety of flight scenarios. The realism is further enhanced by features such as real engine and wind sound effects, HQ digital stereo sounds recorded directly from the actual aircraft, and meticulous attention to realistic flight dynamics. The Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials and textures, crafted with industry-standard software, contribute to the immersive visual experience, making each flight a visually stunning adventure.

The attention to detail extends to the user interface, with a tablet interface allowing control over static elements, the pilot, and various startup options, including cold and dark or ready to taxi. The WYMFS has been rigorously tested by multiple pilots to ensure maximum accuracy in weight, balance, and overall performance. Whether you seek the thrill of aerobatics, a serene sightseeing expedition, or a dream flight, Carenado’s WYMFS for MSFS at SIMMARKET delivers a truly extraordinary flight simulation experience. Immerse yourself in the world of aviation with this classic and luxurious biplane that captures the spirit of flying like never before.

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