LN Design – Pau-Pyrénées (LFBP) MSFS

Pau Pyrénées Airport in France: “Aéroport Pau Pyrénées” (LFBP)is an airport serving Pau, France. It is located about 10 km (6.2 mi) northwest of Pau in the commune of Uzein, in the “département of Pyrénées-Atlantiques”.
A scenery made from LN-Design for in MSFS. This newer scenery is a patch to version 2.0 and it includes the Military Airport. Made by own experience to visite this airfield. For a impression you can see the screenshots at simMarket.


  • ALL custom 3D models of ALL buildings, modeled in detail and with a never before seen care for both detailing and performance
  • Full PBR Stunning texturing
  • Mixed 4K – 2K texturemaps resolution
  • Living airport with animated people in the terminal and Military Heliport
  • FULLY MODELED Military Heliport!
  • Accurate Layout of the whole airport surface. Taxiways, Runway, Buildings, Taxi Logic has ALL been done with care and detail. Feel free to use REAL charts to navigate the airport!
  • Fully HANDMADE INTERIORS for: Control Tower, Main Terminal, Locavions Hangar (serving as a parking), AeroClub du Bearn, Military Control Tower 
  • Completely custom, revamped and reworked Night Lighting reflecting the real counterpart of LFBP in each single detail
  • Finetuned Navaids and Visual Aids
  • A LOT of aesthetics props, tweaks and more to give more life to the airport
  • Perfectly made Aprons and taxiways, using custom textures and true-to-life coloring
  • Correction of the Satellite Image imperfections (grounded planes, covered grass imperfections)

And you can also watch this YouTube video from Dreams of Wings:

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