New Video 4K in the Caribbean : SLH Sim Designs – TGPY – TXKF – TFFR – TUPJ

With this winter it’s always nice to go to sunny destinations. Thanks to SLH Sim Designs there are some nice airports to fly to, watch the new 4K promotional trailer produced by SIMMARKET :

Airport in Grenada, designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator, offers a highly realistic and immersive virtual aviation experience with stunning graphics and accurate airport details.

Airport in Bermuda for Microsoft Flight Simulator that provides a meticulously crafted virtual rendition, delivering a visually captivating and true-to-life aviation experience within the simulator.

In the French Antilles island of Guadeloupe, this Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator offers a meticulously detailed and visually stunning virtual representation, with excellent night lighting effects and a super realistic terminal building.

Airport in Tortola, meticulously crafted for Microsoft Flight Simulator, boasts a rich virtual experience with 4K PBR textures, immersive terminal and tower interior modeling, accurate terraforming, dynamic night lighting, animated road traffic with toll gates, and true-to-life airport land-side recreation, complemented by custom light-emitting taxiway lights and signs for a truly authentic aviation simulation.

Each of them are nicely priced @simMarket.

Words from the Developer:
“Flight Sim enthusiast who fell in love with 3D modelling. I’m now planning to develop airports that people have wanted for years, but has never been developed by any other developer. Very sensitive when it comes to attention to detail. I set the bar high for myself which will lead to nothing but very highly detailed renditions of whatever scenery’s i may develop.”

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