Cockspur – PH100 MSFS with Navigraph Integration

The introduction of the Cockspur PH100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) brings the sleek and efficient Embraer Phenom 100 to the digital realm, allowing aviation enthusiasts to enjoy a realistic and immersive flying experience. With a seating capacity for up to seven passengers, the Phenom 100 offers a comfortable and luxurious travel experience. The detailed simulation in MSFS captures the essence of this light business jet, making it a popular choice among virtual aviators. Currently available on PC, an Xbox version is also on the horizon, expanding the accessibility of this exciting digital aircraft.

One standout feature of the Cockspur PH100 in MSFS is its integration with Navigraph, offering users with a Navigraph Unlimited subscription access to Jeppesen charts, IFR enroute charts, and VFR maps globally. The Navigraph Avionics Plugin enhances situational awareness and overall immersion by providing up-to-date charts directly in the cockpit. PC users can easily install the Avionics Plugin through Navigraph Hub, while Xbox users will have the plugin integrated into the aircraft upon release. The integration of Navigraph data and IFR/VFR charts into the G1000 experience is streamlined and user-friendly, offering a convenient QR code authorization option via mobile phones.

To set up Navigraph charts within the Cockspur PH100 in MSFS, users need to locate the Multi-Function Display (MFD) in the cockpit. By interacting with the FMS knob and selecting IFR/VFR Charts, a second screen will prompt the user to either scan a QR code or visit a website for authorization.

  1. Download Navigraph hub.
  2. If you already have this installed, you can omit this step. To access the Navigraph Avionics Plugin for PC, sign up for the Unlimited Subscription

This straightforward process grants full access to worldwide enroute maps, airport charts, and diagrams from Jeppesen. Integrating Navigraph data into the G1000 interface enhances the simulation journey, providing virtual aviators with valuable information for improved situational awareness and comprehensive flight planning. The convenience of using a QR code for quick authorization via a mobile phone adds an extra layer of accessibility to the overall experience, ensuring a smooth and informed flight for users of the Cockspur PH100 in MSFS.

Source : blog post by Jason Sokoloff / Navigraph

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