PMDG 777 MSFS Preview Update

PMDG is making significant progress in the beta testing phase of the highly anticipated PMDG 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). Over the past six weeks, the testing team has reported and successfully resolved 432 out of 541 identified issues, indicating a rigorous commitment to refining the virtual aircraft. The transition from functional bug reports to more aspirational suggestions signals a maturing phase in development, allowing the team to focus on additional features and enhancements.

The development team’s dedication to accuracy and quality is evident in their recent comparison survey with a real Boeing 777, which provided valuable data for fine-tuning the virtual model. Meticulous attention is being given to exterior details, such as hatches, antennas, and probes, leveraging the capabilities of MSFS for unparalleled realism. The team is also working on replicating the glow of overheated brakes, aligning it with engineering data from industry partners to ensure an authentic simulation experience.

Despite the challenges, the team maintains a sense of humor, as evidenced by a humorous image created to convey the concept of “things are hot.” As the PMDG 777 for MSFS progresses towards release, the team expresses gratitude for the community’s enthusiasm and anticipates delivering an exceptional and nerdy-detailed simulation experience for virtual aviators. Flight simulation enthusiasts can look forward to upcoming features, including detailed demonstrations of alternate gear extension processes through video content.

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