Fly 2 High – KLBB – Lubbock Preston Smith MSFS

Experience the thrill of flying in the Lone Star State with Fly 2 High’s latest release, Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, available now on SIMMARKET for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located just five miles north of Lubbock, Texas, this meticulously crafted add-on showcases the airport’s rich history and importance in the region.

Originally known as Lubbock International Airport, it was renamed in 2004 to honor former Texas governor Preston E. Smith, an esteemed Texas Tech University alumnus.

Fly 2 High’s Lubbock Preston Smith International MSFS scenery boasts exceptional attention to detail, featuring hand-crafted ground textures for runways, aprons, paths, and roads. The dynamic airport lighting is accurately modeled and positioned, creating a realistic and immersive flying experience. The package includes highly detailed 3D models of all airport buildings, objects, and surroundings, capturing the essence of this bustling transportation hub. Moreover, Fly 2 High prioritizes performance optimization, ensuring smooth frame rates for an enjoyable simulation experience.

As the eighth-busiest airport in Texas and a vital hub for FedEx and UPS feeder planes serving cities across the South Plains, Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport offers a unique and challenging destination for virtual aviators. With Fly 2 High’s commitment to accuracy and realism, this MSFS add-on is a must-have for flight simulation enthusiasts seeking an authentic Texas flying experience. So, buckle up and soar through the skies over Lubbock with Fly 2 High’s exceptional scenery, now available on SIMMARKET.

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