Review ASUS ROG Raikiri controller

The ROG Raikiri PC and Xbox Controller is a gaming peripheral that is designed to provide an enhanced gaming experience for PC and Xbox gamers. Developed by ASUS, a renowned brand in the gaming industry, this controller boasts impressive features and a sleek design. In this review, we will delve into the various aspects of the ROG Raikiri PC and Xbox Controller to help you make an informed decision.

The controller’s design is one of its standout features. The ROG Raikiri PC and Xbox Controller boasts a sleek and ergonomic design that feels comfortable in the hands. The matte black finish with the ROG logo adds a touch of sophistication, giving it a premium look and feel. The controller is well-balanced, and the buttons and triggers are conveniently placed for easy access during intense gaming sessions. Overall, the design of the controller is top-notch and exudes quality craftsmanship.

The build quality of the ROG Raikiri PC and Xbox Controller is exceptional. It is evident that ASUS has paid attention to detail and used high-quality materials in its construction. The controller feels solid and durable, capable of withstanding the rigors of intense gaming. The buttons and triggers have a satisfying tactile response, and they feel responsive and reliable. The analog sticks are precise and smooth, allowing for accurate movements and control. The overall build quality of the controller instills confidence and reassurance that it will last for a long time.

The ROG Raikiri PC and Xbox Controller is designed to work seamlessly with both PC and Xbox gaming platforms. It features native support for Xbox consoles, ensuring hassle-free connectivity and compatibility. On the PC side, the controller is recognized as an Xbox controller, making it compatible with a wide range of games that support gamepad input. The versatility of the controller makes it a great choice for gamers who switch between PC and Xbox gaming.

The ASUS ROG Raikiri Controller is a gaming peripheral also designed for flight simulation enthusiasts.

When it comes to performance, the ROG Raikiri PC and Xbox Controller excels in delivering a realistic flight experience. The controller features high-precision sensors and inputs that provide accurate and responsive control during flight operations. The analog sticks offer smooth and precise movements, allowing for seamless control of pitch, roll, and yaw. The multitude of buttons, switches, enabling customization to suit individual preferences and aircraft configurations. The controller’s performance ensures a seamless and immersive flight simulation experience, where every input translates accurately into the virtual cockpit.

The ROG Raikiri PC and Xbox Controller offers extensive customization options, allowing users to tailor the controller to their specific needs. This customization capability enhances the realism and personalization of the flight simulation experience. The controller is compatible with popular flight simulation software, making it compatible with a wide range of titles. Whether you prefer Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, or other flight simulation software, the ROG Raikiri Controller is designed to integrate seamlessly.

The ROG Raikiri PC and Xbox Controller includes additional features that enhance the flight simulation experience. It features a built-in throttle lever, which is essential for controlling engine power during flight. The controller also incorporates an adjustable resistance mechanism for the throttle lever, allowing users to simulate various aircraft engine types accurately. The presence of dedicated buttons for gear, flaps, and trim controls further adds to the convenience and authenticity of the flight simulation experience.

The ROG Raikiri PC and Xbox Controller comes with some additional features that further enhance its appeal. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for disposable batteries and reducing environmental waste. The controller also includes a detachable USB-C cable for charging and wired gameplay, ensuring uninterrupted gaming sessions even when the battery is low. The presence of a 3.5mm audio jack allows for direct audio connection, enabling users to connect their favorite gaming headsets without the need for additional adapters.

The ROG Raikiri PC and Xbox Controller is a well-designed and high-performance gaming peripheral tailored specifically for flight simulation enthusiasts. Its ergonomic design, solid build quality, and precise inputs make it an excellent choice for those seeking a realistic flight experience. The customization options allow users to adapt the controller to their preferences and aircraft configurations, enhancing immersion and control. The additional features, such as the built-in throttle lever and adjustable resistance mechanism, further contribute to the authenticity of the flight simulation experience. If you are a flight simulation enthusiast looking for a reliable and feature-packed controller, the ROG Raikiri Controller is a worthy investment that will elevate your flight simulation adventures.

During our test on Microsoft Flight Simulator we had a very great feeling with this piece of hardware. Very useful the back buttons that help us to manage Gears and spoilers (this was our assignment choice, but every user can modify this to a preferred assignment). Our feeling with Analogic Sticks was great and we loved the precision of the Sensors ! This Analogic Stick behaviour is essential for fly the Plane (or Heli) and complete our takeoff or landing in a successfull way !

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Daisy Dai
4 months ago

Hello there,

This is Daisy from Pimax, a leading VR headset company with a rich history in the high-definition display domain, catering to enthusiast gamers. We think VR will be a great switch for simulation gaming in the next few years and wondering if you could cover this topic.

What we see are key advantages of VR for Flight Simulation:
A feeling of Freedom: Immerse yourself in the true freedom of looking around as if you’re in the cockpit.
Expanded Field of View: Enjoy a broader view, especially above and below for a comprehensive dashboard experience.
Clarity: Crystal offers unparalleled clarity, enabling you to read intricate details by leaning closer.

Here is a through-the-lens video for reference if interested:

Looking forward to the possibility of your participation and hearing your thoughts on Crystal.

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