AG Sim – Lommis Airfield (LSZT) MSFS

The Lommis Airfield (LSZT) is an airfield located north of Lommis in the canton of Thurgau, Switzerland. The 615-meter grass runway is operated by the Motorfluggruppe Thurgau. In addition to the hangar, there are operational and club buildings on site.

Lommis Airfield is a highly active airfield that pleads tourists and people who wants to acquire private pilot license. With the grass runway, huge hangars, lovely club building with a restaurant, it is a vivid airfield among the Swiss nature.

In our add-on we tried to push our limits to get this scenery to MSFS as realistic as possible. We modeled every little detail that will affect your flight experience in Lommis Airfield. We brought a living life to the simulator by adding people, working clock, working landing “T”, wind orientated and wind speed dependent flags and custom windsocks. You have to see this video:

And see more screenshots via simMarket. From the developer AG Sim. And very nicely priced.


  • 3D Buildings created with details
  • 8K High Quality and PBR textures
  • Handmade ground textures based on Swisstopo Aerial Images
  • Handplaced custom direction and runway markings
  • Vegetation and Watercourse arrangement
  • 3D People, static aircrafts, working clock, working landing “T”, wind dependent flags, custom windsocks, living atmosphere
  • Memorial and special details around the airfield
  • Accurate slope
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