MK Studios – Sevilla LEZL MSFS Update 1.2

MK Studios has recently released Update 1.2.0 for their Sevilla LEZL scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing notable improvements to enhance the virtual flying experience. One of the key updates includes the reworking of parking stands 21-24, making them now fully usable for virtual pilots. This enhancement adds realism to the airport environment, allowing for a more immersive and accurate representation of the actual facilities at Sevilla Airport. Additionally, the update addresses issues with the entry signs for Runway 27, fixing them to ensure a smoother and more accurate navigation experience for pilots using the scenery. Furthermore, AFCAD fixes have been implemented, contributing to the overall stability and functionality of the airport layout in the simulator.

MK Studios continues to demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality and realistic scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator users. Virtual pilots can now enjoy an improved and more accurate depiction of Sevilla Airport, thanks to these updates that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of the scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Sevilla MSFS Changelog 1.2 :

  • Parking Stands 21-24 Reworked.
  • Stands Now Usable RWY 27 Entry Signs Fixed
  • AFCAD Fixes Implemented
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