Barelli MSFS Addon – BMA Treviso LIPH MSFS

Barelli’s MSFS Addon, BMA Treviso LIPH, is an exceptional enhancement for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing to life the Treviso Airport, also known as Antonio Canova Airport, situated near Venice, Italy. This international airport is a hub for low-cost airlines, serving as a key transportation hub in the region. The detailed rendition captures the essence of Treviso Airport with precision, including its 2,420-meter-long asphalt runway, the new terminal opened in 2007, and its strategic location just 31 km from Venice.

The add-on provides a realistic and immersive experience for virtual pilots, allowing them to explore the airport’s surroundings and practice their flying skills in a visually stunning environment. The inclusion of notable features, such as the tribute to the renowned Italian sculptor Antonio Canova in the airport’s name, adds an extra layer of authenticity to the simulation. Furthermore, the recent expansion by Ryanair, with the announcement of a new base and additional routes in December 2020, is accurately reflected in this addon, providing users with an up-to-date and dynamic simulation experience.

BMA Treviso LIPH is easily accessible through SIMMARKET’s simInstaller technology, ensuring a seamless installation process for users. This product is available through the store APP, allowing aviation enthusiasts to integrate the add-on into their Microsoft Flight Simulator experience effortlessly. With its attention to detail, accuracy, and convenient accessibility, BMA Treviso LIPH MSFS Addon is recommended for virtual pilots looking to enhance their flight simulation adventures in the picturesque region of Treviso, Italy.

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