MSFS – Development Update March 21, 2024

Again some weekly news from the Asobo team for MSFS2020. Stil busy with the Public testing of the upcoming Sim Update 15. Here you can read the release notes for v1.37.9.0. Planned for March 26?

And something about the Full Screen issue:
“Over the last several days, we’ve noticed many reports about an issue affecting PC players where the sim will always open in windowed mode even if full screen mode was set. Players using both the regular release build and the SU_15 beta build are affected by this issue. The team has identified the source of this bug, and a fix will be coming with SU_15. In the meantime, the workaround to restore full screen mode is to set this option in your General Settings each time you launch the sim or simply press Alt+Enter on your keyboard.”

Grand Canyon Run

Note March 25 Monday, 17:00 UTC in your calendar. Hosting a Grand Canyon Race on the official Twitch MSFS channel in partnership with Tobii! One lucky viewer from Twitch chat will win a Tobii Eye Tracker 5. Read more about this at this link. Scroll down to the Community Page.

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