Gate15Scenery – Rishiri Airport V2 MSFS

Experience the challenge and beauty of landing at Rishiri Airport with Gate15Scenery’s Rishiri Airport V2 for MSFS, available on SIMMARKET. Located on Rishiri Island in northern Hokkaido, Japan, this airport features an 1800-meter runway without parallel taxiways or turning pads, making it a test of pilot skill.

With only a localizer installed and frequent snow accumulation in winter and dense fog in summer, landing here is both thrilling and demanding. The airport serves JAL’s regular flights to Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport with the ATR42-600 and ANA’s seasonal flights with the 737 from June to September.

Rishiri Airport is celebrated for its breathtaking scenery, with the majestic Rishiri-Fuji mountain directly in front of the terminal, earning it a reputation as one of Japan’s top three most beautiful airport views. The Rishiri Airport V2 package is a completely new model, so users with the previous version should remove it from their community folder. Existing users can update to V2 for free. This product incorporates SIMMARKET simInstaller technology for easy installation through the store app.

💻 With Siminstaller = MSFS Auto-Install and Auto-Update via SIMMARKET app

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